Friday, September 9, 2016

I Have Suds!

Suds? Man, do I have suds! I recently brewed a Kolsch style beer and stored it in a Cornelius Keg. My approach to carbonating a brew has been to turn up the CO2 pressure to 30 lbs, leaving it in the kegerator for a few days. This has always proven a successful method. Seemingly not so in this case. Pouring a glass of beer proved a 5 minute challenge. Essentially you got a glass of suds that when settled was flat.

Occasionally, the tap produced a burst of liquid that was tasty and well carbonated. However, gaseous bubbles were the norm in most pours, an exercise that proved most frustrating.

I have researched possible causes. The most probable, it seems is a short output line from the keg. While my output line is not as lengthy as most kegerator designs recommend, the system has produced beautiful pours before and since this keg of Kolsch.

At this point, the Kolsch is resting, unattached from any lines in or out. I’m enjoying my most recent brew, a sweet, bubbly, golden coloured Bavarian Hefe while pondering the cause and possible solution to my problematic Kolsch.

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