Thursday, July 21, 2016

So Why Home Brewing?

With the launch of an array of independent microbreweries across Ontario (see:, beer drinkers are reminded that there are a variety of sudsy delights that go well beyond the bland blond lagers offered by the big brewers who control the Brewers Retail. Travel about the province allows the products of these craft brewers to be enjoyed, however their availability, particularly in draft, may be limited when at home. 

For the beer epicure with a little time, home brewing offers a way to enjoy a variety of beers and with practice even the option of customizing the product to personal preference. 

Arguably, the desire to produce and enjoy a variety of beers more than the pursuit of monetary savings should motivate a move to home brewing. Typically, as with any hobby, the home brewer will adopt more and more sophisticated methods associated with the craft. This growth comes with a cost and offsets any savings that may accrue from the relatively low cost of the beer’s ingredients.

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